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Carbis Bay, St Ives: Planter Project

Carbis Bay Planter Project: Elevating Carbis Bay Train Station for the 2021 G7 Summit!

We had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Ground Control Ltd on a prestigious project in Carbis Bay, St Ives. Tasked with constructing a remarkable planter at Carbis Bay train station in preparation for the momentous 2021 G7 summit, we took on the challenge.

Working alongside Ground Control’s skilled team, we operated day and night shifts to ensure a timely and successful completion. The primary objective was to build a striking planter that would serve as a captivating centerpiece for the station. To complement this centerpiece, we also completed fencing works on both sides of the planter, adding an extra touch of finesse to the overall design.

Access posed a significant challenge for this project, as all materials, including our mini digger, had to be transported across the train line. However, our experienced team navigated these obstacles with precision and care, ensuring a safe and seamless process throughout.

The end result was nothing short of exceptional – a beautifully crafted planter that not only met but exceeded the expectations set for such a prominent event. It was an honor to contribute our expertise to this important undertaking, enhancing Carbis Bay train station’s appeal and leaving a lasting impact on the area.

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April 2022


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