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Grass & Hedge Cutting

We are able to cut any size area of grass. Our largest site is currently around 55 acres of grass cutting down to our smallest, which is a matter of a few square metres.
We are able to offer one off cuts to cover mower breakdowns or holidays or regular Weekly or fortnightly cuts to any garden regardless of the size.
We have a wide range of mowers including two 5ft Kubota F3890 ride on lawn mowers one with a collector if collection of large areas are required.
We also have 4ft pedestrian mower ideal for small banks and hard to access areas.
Also we have a remote control Spider mower for banks up to 55 degrees.

We are able to offer hedge cutting from reductions to regular trimming we have specialist ladders so can reach most hedges and we can also hire in a MEWP (Cherry picker) if its unsafe for platform ladders. We can offer fine topiary cutting right the way through to any hedge and even hedge removal if required.

Shrub Removal & Garden Clearance

If you have some shrubs that need removing – we can help. We even get rid of the roots!
We also offer complete or partial garden clearances if your garden has become too over grown and a blank canvas is required to redesign. We offer site clearances for construction companies, helping them prepare land for building. We can remove all waste to a licensed waste disposal facility.

Weeding & Weed Spraying

We are able to offer a comprehensive hand weeding service to any planting border. We can also tend to and care for plants as required throughout the year including pruning.
We can also offer a weed spraying service with our NPTC trained staff with PA1/PA6 Pesticide certificates. We can spray driveways paths, gravel areas etc. We also spray roads and pavements for local councils.

Lawn Care

Want your lawn to look its best? We offer a complete lawn care package, including fertilising to ensure your lawn is looking its best, and also identifying pests and diseases and treat where possible.
We can also provide scarifying to your lawn to remove any moss, thatch and dead material which in time will improve to look of the lawn and allow the grass to grown a develop into a thick lush lawn.

Tree Surgery & Removal

Our Tree Surgery service including Crown Raises, Reductions, Formative Pruning and Dismantling. Our fully qualified and insured staff are able to complete any tree work to a high standard. We can remove all waste from site as required. We are also able to check if your Tree/s are subject to a TPO (Tree Preservation order) or are in a conservation area and we can apply for planning permission on your behalf for the required works.

Pruning & Garden Tidys

We can offer a professional pruning service and prune plants using the correct techniques and at the correct time of year.
We can also offer complete garden tidys as well as regular maintenance.

Pressure Washing & Moss Removal

We are able to offer a pressure washing service for driveways, patio cleaning, path cleaning etc. We can also treat areas to kill moss and algae prior to washing to help prevent return. We run a petrol pressure washer so no electric is required making it easier for you and safer for us.